Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's not brain surgery....oh, wait.

It's been a few months so, let me catch you up on the things we've learned lately.
In April we went to NC over an extended Easter weekend where we learned that candy is delicious.

And that taking a family picture is really hard.

We also discovered that Alice and Aunt Bea look more like twins then Alice and Penny.

And that Grandma and Papa make an adorable couple.

We were very pleased to learn that if you put cousin Lily and Lucy together long enough they will turn from frienemies into besties.

And amazed to see cousin Claire walking around like a pro (and by 'pro' we mean a little Frankensteinish... but in a toddler, that's adorable! :))

We learned that a fourth brain surgery is no big deal to a seasoned veteran like my mother-in-law!

We were very excited to learn that Sophia LOVES reading (at a 4th grade level!) almost as much as she loves finishing Kindergarten and starting summer break, even though she'll miss her BFF, Kendall.

We learned that we need a more powerful zoom on our camera if we plan on sitting that far back at a dance recital. But, they were SUPER adorable. (Can you spot the Chabo's? :))

We learned that even little kids are into 'Twilight'.
(Just kidding!! Of course, they know nothing about it. But they have heard about Dracula/vampires and licked the beaters after we made a red velvet cake...)

We found out recently that babies who are snuggling, sleeping, smiling, or naked are REALLY cute. (Who knew?!)

And lastly, we learned that our church activities are really fun! (mostly because the people are so great!)