Friday, November 12, 2010

Where the heck have you been?!

Well, I will tell you where the heck I've been. Mostly laying glassy-eyed on the couch, occasionally barfing, and even less often, doing something else. So here's a photo version of the past 6ish months of the latter.

Nana came to stay with us to take care of Laura and the kiddos for 2 whole months (Thanks, Nana!!) . Sophia graduated from preschool with a real degree and everything, and Sophia and Holly had their dance recital and performed like pro's.

Travis's Mom had 6 aneurysms and a stroke or 2 at the end of May (and as you can see that did not stop her from being the social butterfly that she is :)). Travis took Sophia and Holly with him down to NC to visit and they got to see Grandma, Papa, and cousins Vivi and CJ as well as cousins Lily, Abby, and Claire and their Aunts and Uncles that live there. We also went swimming at the pool and feed the animals in Amish country when Papaw came up to see Nana and us during July 4th.

We had smores in the backyard fire pit, had a girls 'spa and beauty day', danced at our friend Elisa's wedding, and Sophia and Holly took swimming lessons (they are fabulous swimmers, naturally!)

Aunt Susy came to stay with us and brought cousins Lily and Claire with her. As you can see, we were all very excited. :) We chilled at the pool, snuggled and played, and rode the pony's at Hersberger's Farm.

Sophia had her very first day of Kindergarten. Holy Cow. See how happy she is? The third photo is Sophia's face as she gets ready to go into her classroom. The fourth photo is my face when I broke down in the car. The last photo is the junk food I bought at the store to pork out on at home cause I missed her. Hey, I still weigh less then I did when I got pregnant, so I'm allowed.

Travis and I had our 8th anniversary (awwww...). Sophia and Holly started dance lessons back up. Mommy turned 27 again and Lucy learned how to make a grumpy face.

We went to the Coshocton County Fair and rode LOTS of kiddie rides. Then we went down to NC to visit and got to go to the NC State Fair to hold ducks, get our faces painted, and see amazing crafts (yes, that IS the Tardis from Dr. Who done in beadwork. Fabulous!)

Halloween came and the girls dressed up as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Mulan. I had a costume, too. Then Travis ran a half marathon! It was freezing outside but he did great!

And finally, Lucy turned 2! She's so cute. If you look in the last picture you'll notice a dog. His name is Petey. We found him and thought we were going to keep him, but alas, after a month his owners have finally come forward. We will miss him. (But truth be told, a certain mommy who is pregnant with twins really can't handle a new dog on top of everything else right now, so even though he is a sweet little dog, it worked out for the best in her humble opinion. :))

So, there you have it. A shortened version of the last 6 1/2 months. Hopefully I'll be posting again shortly because I have given birth! I'm scheduled for a c-section on Dec. 14th (baby on the bottom is breech). So, maybe my next post will be shorter but infinitely cuter. :)