Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Second Annual Food Allergy Testing Day!

Yesterday was our second annual food allergy testing day! Holly and Lucy were both tested and the results were mostly good news. Lucy has NO food allergies!! Hooray!! Three of Holly's allergies are gone and she has two new ones. She use to be allergic to wheat, eggs, milk, soy, nuts, and fish. She's still allergic to wheat, eggs, and nuts, (and the nut, especially peanut, allergy is worse) and her new ones are dogs and mangos. I'll take those allergies to the ones she got rid of!! It's really hard to keep her away from milk, soy, and fish. Easier to steer clear of dogs and mangos! I'm so excited about this I could go dance naked in the street. But I won't. Cause it would probably scare the neighbors. Actually, our neighbors are all farm animals so they probably wouldn't care that much since they're always naked themselves. So, on third thought maybe I WILL dance naked in the street!! WOO-HOO!!!