Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Devastate a Dental Hygienist.

that's how.

Not that I'm opposed to children's baby teeth falling out, in general. In fact, I consider myself PRO in all things children-having-fun-with-teeth related. (and everyone knows that wiggling/loosing teeth and being visited by the tooth fairy are SUPER fun!) At least that's how this girl sees it.
But I AM against loosing your teeth before their prime. I mean, that tooth wasn't even 4 years old! My little Holly-Bolly just had her 4th birthday last month! That tooth should have had at least 2 more good years to it! *sigh* Sadly, Holly has always been careless where her mouth was concerned. Always smashing it into things. The concrete floor at Walmart...her cousin Lily's head... That poor tooth finally succumbed tonight to an innocent bowl of white chicken chili. And I, her dental hygienist mom, am devastated. Holly, however, couldn't be more excited. She has been running around looking into every available reflective surface for the last 30 minutes. She LOVES it. She is blissfully unaware that she'll have that lovely hole in her face for 3 more years. Or that loosing that little tiny tooth so early will cause her permanent tooth to be delayed coming into that spot. It will most likely cause crowding and general crazy-lookin-teethness for several years. Until she gets braces. *sigh* Well, at least someone's happy about it.