Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Family Ties

I love this picture! This is Holly's best buddy, her cousin Lily who got to stay (with her mom) for 2 weeks with us in early December. I imagine here she's trying to say, "Aunt Laura! It's been 2 months! Post something already!!"

Bob, Maria, and kids Ryan, Isabelle, and Bobby; Heather; Susy, Todd, and Lily; Travis, Me, Sophia, Holly, and Lucy!! This was taken the Sunday after Thanksgiving, after Lucy's blessing. It was GREAT to have so much family together for the holiday weekend. We had a BLAST!! Played games, hung out, roasted mallows over the fire pit outside, and ate a LOT. YUM!

I took a photo of our mailbox in the fall when the leaves were beginning to change, so I thought I'd take another in the snow yesterday. Since then it's snowed another 2 inches and is calling for more. I love it! Hot chocolate weather! :)

We drove down to Raleigh for a few days at Christmas. This was Christmas eve at Susy and Todds house opening gifts from Heather and Mark.

On Christmas day we went to Travis's parents house to open gifts. The girls LOVED their princess dress up clothes and baby and stroller. They played with those most of the day. And Sophia played a lot with her new camera till it broke about 10 minutes after we opened it. Yeah.

Happy Birthday to Holly! She turned 2 on Jan. 6th. I can't believe she's already 2! And Sophia's almost 4!! I can't believe it.

She obviously loves her wheat free, egg free, dairy free birthday cupcake!! Anyone else want some?! :)
This is pretty much what we've been up to since I blogged last. Thanksgiving was GREAT with everyone here that could come, then Susy and Lily stayed an extra week and a half. They left too soon! We drove down to NC on Christmas eve and spent time with the family there, and got to see my buddy Shelby and her son Griffin, too. So cute!! We also got to Skype my Mom and Dad in Australia on Christmas Eve. Mom had just gotten out of the hospital the day before so it was a wonderful Christmas present. New Years was pretty uneventful. Just hung out and watched movies. Lucy had her hearing test done, she passed. :) Then it was Holly's birthday. And pretty soon it'll be Sophia's birthday! Also in there Travis got a calling. He's the new Branch mission leader. I'm still the education couselor in Relief Society. Sophia still loves Dance and Tumbling classes and we're thinking about putting Holly in some next year. We're (hopefully) headed to Disney World at the end of March!!!!! I'm so excited! I think Sophia and Holly are at such cute ages for Disney. Next month we're driving to St. Louis for my cousin Marc's wedding. I'm so excited! He totally deserves it, he's a great guy. And I'll get to see so much of the extended family, too! Bonus!