Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sophia and Holly LOVE their new cousin. They would fight over who got to hold her next. It scared Aunt Susy.
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Here's my babies with Susy and Todd's new baby, Lily. Uncle Todd is holding Sophia, Holly, and Lily. So cute!
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello Everyone!

I decided it was time. Since we're moving away it's finally time to start a blog. I can't make any promises about humor, timeliness, (is that how you spell that?), pictures, or pretty much anything else that the usual blogger has. I'll just do my best and see how it goes. Maybe I'll become addicted, maybe I'll never post another thing. We'll just have to see.
So what's been going on lately is my sister Susy had a baby on Tuesday, July 15th. Lily Jane Estes, 8lbs 6oz. She's so cute! We also finally sold our house in Greenville that day!! I was so excited I almost cried. Seriously, I teared up. It hasn't been on the market that long, just since the end of May, so that's pretty good. But I definetely want to get our family all together in Coshocton, Ohio (where we're moving to). I'll see if I can link a map on here. Travis has been up there since July 1st when he started his job. We went up for the second week of July and had a good time. I've already signed Sophia (our 3 1/2 year old) up for dance and tumbling classes with Miss Jennifer's Dance Studio this fall. We've checked out banks, hair dressers, OB's (I'm due with our third girl in mid-November :) ), new cell phones, new house, etc...
Coshocton's different then what I'm use to, but I think it's gonna be great. They have this unbelievable pool with 6 huge twirly slides, 2 'mushroom' fountains, a huge beach type entrance for the little ones and an enormous playland that shoots water, has several water slides and fun things to do. I'll definately post a picture of that when I get it. It's unreal. It's in this park complex with a great big fancy kids park, campgrounds, trails, a stocked lake (that you don't need a license to fish in), a huge rentable pavillion, soccer fields, baseball fields... it's awesome. Greenville doesn't have anything like it. It's funny. I've moved from a place with 1,000,000 people (Raleigh), to a place with 100,000 (G-vegas), to a town of 10,000 (Coshocton). Travis and I have discussed it and that's as small as I think I can go. Alright, this is already seeming a bit wordy, so I think this is it for now.