Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mom, Dad. I'm Gaelic.

Happy St. Patricks Day, everyone! This year our family will celebrate the holiday in the traditional way that everyone (who doesn't drink) celebrates St. Patricks Day. By eating! And to make it even more joyous, this year Holly can really EAT! She just had her 4th annual allergy testing and this year all her food allergies were GONE. I could not believe it! After being forced to choke down bread made from tapioca starch and rice flour for the past 4 years, she's finally able to eat like every other kid. Chocolate chip cookies! Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Pizza! Chicken nuggets! Reese's peanut butter cups! Grilled cheese sandwiches! Brownies! Pretzels! Corn dogs! Scrambled eggs! Waffles! Mayonnaise! Real bread! I won't to have butter her 'toast' with a separate knife, or make a special Holly-ized version of nearly every meal, or terrify the babysitter by showing her how to use an epipen in case Holly stops breathing, or take away half her Halloween candy! She can even eat her own birthday cake! The list could literally go on and on... I'm just so proud of Holly for always being so sweet through the gross and different food she's had to eat these last few years. When we got in the car after the momentous visit to the allergist, Holly pumped both her fists in the air and said, "I DID it!" That sweet exclamation brought tears to my eyes. Forget St. Patrick, this year I'll celebrate my Holly. Because she deserves it.